Amazon Alexa gets a “Follow-Up Mode” so you can send back-to-back commands

By | 12th March 2018

Amazon has continuously updated their virtual assistant, Alexa, over the past few years. With improvements being added left and right, it’s no wonder why many opt for the platform over competitors like the Google Home. In keeping with the vast amount of features being added, Amazon is here with another one: “Follow-Up Mode”.

Follow-Up Mode is simple. So simple that you’d wonder why it took so long for Alexa to support it. When you want to ask a question, obviously you have to preface the question with “Alexa” to alert the device that you want it to listen. That makes sense, but what took a long time was support for follow up questions. You had to use the trigger word “Alexa” each time, which can get tiresome.

Now you can find a new setting in the Alexa app for “Follow-Up Mode.” Alexa will listen for 5 seconds after each engagement, illuminating the blue ring around the device, to ensure that you can ask another question if needed. The conversation can be ended before the 5 seconds with something natural like “thank you” or the more forceful “stop.” This does not mean you can activate multiple commands in the same sentence.

Amazon also says their virtual assistant will try to pick out what is and isn’t relevant in a conversation. The device should be able to pick up on if you were asking a follow-up question or talking to someone else in the room. The update is available now globally so long as your device is using the US English option. Follow-Up mode will not work when listening to music, an audiobook, or when you’re in a phone call.

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Source: CNET