Do you watch Netflix on your phone or tablet?

By | 12th March 2018

One of the benefits of our smartphones getting smaller bezels, even the ones that have a notch at the top of the screen, is that we get a lot more display to show off more content. That means we get to see even more of the mobile games we play, and, perhaps even more importantly, it means more to see in the video content we watch. That's certainly a positive thing, because our smartphones are typically our go-to devices for watching content.

Recently, Netflix revealed its numbers related to how people sign up for the service, and also showed us the devices that people typically watch on. The numbers reveal that while a lot of initial watching, and signing up, might happen on mobile devices, it eventually always goes back to the television. Which makes sense, considering its the biggest screen we have.

Speaking for myself, I don't watch a lot of Netflix, or content from any other service, on my phone. I watch videos that are shared on social networks, especially from friends and family, but I'm not typically going out of my way to start, or even continue, a TV show or movie while I'm out and about.

It comes down to timing. If I'm watching a TV show or movie, I want to be able to watch it all the way through. I'm not a fan of starting and stopping content, and I'd have to do just that if I was watching a show or movie on Netflix while I was on my phone doing something else outside of my house.

I do watch hockey, though. Basically, a lot of short video content. Nothing like a TV show or a movie.

The numbers also revealed that there isn't a lot of content being watched on tablets, either. It's probably the same situation as with a smartphone, even with the bigger display. And when you're home, that TV is still the best possible viewing experience.

I am not surprised by Netflix's numbers at all. But, I wanted to reach out and see if maybe there are some folks who do indeed watch a lot of Netflix, or Hulu, or some other service, on their phone quite a bit. Do you even have any of these apps installed on your phone? Let me know!