Google Allo web app will soon work without your phone

By | 12th March 2018
Google Allo Android app

Google rolled out an Allo web client last year, letting users chat with their friends without having to grab their phone to send a message. Now Google is working to make the Allo web app even better.

Google is working to remove the requirement that your phone must be on and have a data connection in order to use the Allo web app. Justin Uberti, lead engineer on Google Duo, has confirmed that the company is "in the process r migrating the backend system to support completely independent devices."

Unfortunately, Uberti didn't say when we might see this functionality released.

This expanded functionality of the Allo web app will be a big deal for users, as you'll no longer have to worry about where your phone is at to use it. This could lead Allo to be available on even more devices, too, which could get more people interested in using the Google messaging app.