Share your Wi-Fi Password easily as a QR Code with this app

By | 14th March 2018

With so many smartphone users being stuck on limited data plans, a free Wi-Fi network is a very valuable commodity. We’ve all been in the situation where a guest comes over to your house and asks for the Wi-Fi password within the first 5 minutes. Even if you have the password memorized, it can be a pain to recite the whole thing (and inevitable repeat it several times). XDA Senior Member theOriginalSuperl2 has solved this problem with QR codes.

The app is aptly named “[OREO] Wifi QR Code Creator.” It requires root access to read your saved wifi information. All you have to do is tap the Wi-Fi network name and a QR code is generated. Your guests can scan the QR code and instantly connect to the network.

[OREO] Wifi QR Code Generator (Free, XDA Labs) →

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