Google Play Instant will let you try Android games without downloading them

By | 19th March 2018
Google Play Instant Android games

Android Instant Apps launched last year to let you try applications without actually downloading them first, and now Google is expanding the feature to include games.

Now called Google Play Instant, the Instant Apps feature will let you try select games without downloading and installing the full game from the Play Store. There are six games supported by Google Play Instant to start, and more titles will be added in the future. The six that are now available are:

When you find a game that supports Google Play Instant, you'll see a "TRY NOW" button on its Play Store listing. Just tap that button and the game will load up and let you play immediately. If you decide that you like the game enough to download it onto your device permanently, you can tap the "Install" button in the Instant App.

Downloading an app takes time and data, and not everyone wants to use both to try out an app that they might end up disliking, which can turn them off from trying the app at all. Google Play Instant solves that problem, making it super easy to try an app without having to sit and wait for it to download onto your phone. This is particularly handy for games, which can be considerably larger when downloading compared to other apps.