2016 Google Pixel XL found to have dangerous overcharging bug, to be fixed in coming weeks

By | 21st March 2018

The latest update to Android 8.1 has introduced a bug in the 2016 Pixel XL, and it’s a potentially dangerous one. The device is designed to charge using the USB Power Delivery standard, and more specifically, to draw 18 watts. The bug causes the phone to attempt pulling 25W at times.

The device does this again and again until it starts pulling the 18W it was designed to pull. However, the fact that this is happening at all is concerning.

Of course, if you’re using the stock power adapter, you won’t have any issues. Like most quality adapters, it’s designed to prevent overcharging by shutting off when too much current is being pulled. If you’re using an aftermarket power adapter that supports USB-PD, especially a cheap or no name one, there may be a danger of damage to the device or worse.

Fortunately, Google has acknowledged the issue and says that it will be fixed in the coming weeks.  It took two months (which is two months too long for a potential safety issue) but it’s being fixed. Do use a quality charger, or even better the stock charger, in the meantime though.