Amazon Key now available nationwide

By | 5th April 2018
Amazon Key Home Kit smart lock

After launching last year in a limited group of markets, Amazon Key is now expanding.

Amazon Key features are now available nationwide. Anyone can now buy Amazon's Key Home Kit, which includes a smart lock and an Amazon Cloud Cam security camera. For a limited time, Amazon is offering special pricing on its Key Home Kit.

Also of note is that Amazon has added five more smart locks from companies like Kwikset and Yale, bringing the total number of smart locks available with Amazon Key to eight.

With Amazon Key, you can give permanent access to your home to friends or family members, or you can grant temporary access to people like dog walkers or cleaning services. You can choose how long these guests have access, and you'll be notified any time your guest locks or unlocks your door. You can watch motion clips as they enter and exit, too.

Amazon Key features

Amazon also has an Amazon Key app that'll let you do things like lock and unlock your door from anywhere, check the lock status of your door, and get a live stream and two-way audio. Amazon Key works with Alexa, too, so you can have the voice assistant show your front door on your television or lock the door.

While Amazon is expanding its Amazon Key Home Kit nationwide, its in-home delivery service is still limited to 37 cities and the surrounding areas. With in-home delivery, Amazon Prime members can allow an Amazon delivery person to drop their packages off inside their door rather than leaving them on the doorstep.

It's good to see the Amazon Key Home Kit expanding nationwide. It offers an affordable way to add some smarts to your home, giving you a smart lock and a security camera, complete with an app to control it all and integration with Amazon's Alexa assistant. While Amazon's in-home delivery isn't expanding with it, which is understandable since that would require a lot more work, the Amazon Key Home Kit is worth a look if you're interested in trying a smart lock.