Genymotion Cloud is now on Google’s Cloud Platform to meet demand for testing multiple virtual Android devices in parallel

By | 5th April 2018

Genymobile is a French company that specializes in Android virtualization tools for Enterprise. Their most popular tool is an Android emulator called Genymotion that boasts 5.5 million users. Big name customers include Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and  Twitter. The company is announcing the immediate availability of Genymotion Cloud for Google Cloud Platform with a “per-second” billing system.

Genymotion’s Cloud tool was first launched on Amazon Web Services in November 2016. The company is now bringing the tool to the Google Cloud Platform. CEO Arnaud Dupuis explains the benefits of Genymotion Cloud:

“We have implemented a full, unrestricted user/physical interaction stack; all Android API interaction widgets; and have included full, high-speed custom 3D-rendering stack in a web browser window, which can auto-adapt to the performance of the underlying instance, with or without a dedicated GPU.”

Genymotion Cloud for GCP has a “per-second” billing system, which allows developers to only pay for actual usage. They can scale their tests on multiple virtual devices in parallel and reduce the testing lifecycle. Genymotion’s Cloud tool is available now on the Google Cloud Launcher for Android 5.1 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Android 7.0 Nougat. Here’s a full list of features for the Cloud tool:

  • Real-time in-browser streaming display
  • Compatibility with Google Play Services
  • Sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Battery, Disk, Network, Calls & Texts)
  • Several Android versions (from Lollipop to Nougat)
  • Java API
  • Webcam as a Camera
  • Sound Support
  • GPU or Soft rendering
  • Compatibility with SSH and ADB
  • Kiosked application

Genymotion Cloud: Android 5.1 Genymotion Cloud: Android 6.0 Genymotion Cloud: Android 7.0