Chromebook ‘Atlas’ pops up with 4K display

By | 6th April 2018

Although details are scarce, a new Chromebook codenamed “Atlas” has made an appearance and seems to be packing a 4K display. The discovery was made by Reddit user -nbsp-, who discovered a couple of lines in the Chromium boards.yaml file. All that’s stated is, “atlas: screen: [3840, 2160],” but those numbers are indeed a 4K resolution, indicating that such a device may not be far off.

A comment from the Chromium Gerrit previously mentioned “secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks,” but most presumed it to be a joke. As it turns out, a Chromebook with a 4K display may indeed be real. It could be the next iteration of Google’s Pixelbook, which runs Chrome OS on a machine with high-end specs. Or it could be something different, possibly even a tablet. We recently saw the first Chrome OS tablet launch for education, but it could be that Google is planning a high-end Chrome OS tablet.

For now, the details are too scarce to do anything more than speculate. Stay tuned for more leaks and rumors.