Essential Phone receiving update with Bluetooth 5.0

By | 6th April 2018

Essential is pushing out a new update to Essential Phone users that contains a variety of improvements. Google security patches are on board, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 certification, which brings the Essential Phone up to date with flagships like the Galaxy S9, and allows users to have faster Bluetooth connections over greater distances. There are also modem stability fixes, performance improvements, bug fixes, and the resolution of handling an issue when pairing the Essential Phone with external game controllers.

The Essential Phone was developed by Andy Rubin, the developer who created Android, joined Google, and later left to develop his own smartphone company. Though the Essential Phone faced issues at its outset, the company has established a reputation for speedy updates and quick responses to user issues. With this latest update, Essential is again displaying its commitment to taking care of its customers with excellent support.

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