OnePlus finally gets its .com domain

By | 9th April 2018

Since the dawn of OnePlus, the company has been using the domain rather than the more common .com suffix. While a .net domain works just as well as a .com domain, it’s definitely not as good.

Let’s be fair. When you try to find a company site, you try the company name with .com at the end first. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for OnePlus, as a company called OnePlus Systems owned the domain. Thus OnePlus the phone maker was banished to the .net realm.

Fortunately, it seems that OnePlus has finally acquired the website. Heading to the old .net site redirects you to the new site. To celebrate, the company is running a contest: Share a major life milestone with the forums and you could win one of five OnePlus backpacks and notebooks.