LG creates Software Upgrade Center to push updates more quickly

By | 12th April 2018
LG G4 logo

If software updates are important to you, there are a couple of Android device makers that you should buy from. LG today announced a new initiative that it hopes will help it become one of those companies.

LG is launching a Software Upgrade Center in South Korea that's aimed at offering faster and timelier software updates for smartphones. The Software Upgrade Center will deliver regular updates for LG phones and continously test the stability and compatibility of hardware and software after updates.

While the Software Upgrade Center is based in South Korea, LG says that it will roll out updates faster "in countries where LG smartphones are available to ensure that customers around the world receive the same lever of quality service." That means that just because the Software Upgrade Center is located in South Korea, that won't be the only country that benefits from it.

One of the first goals of LG's Software Upgrade Center is to push Android Oreo to the LG G6. The rollout will begin in Korea this month and then continue in other "key markets".

Fast software updates are important to a lot of smartphone users. It's understandable why that's a big deal to some people, because when a new update is released, there are typically some new features to play with, patches to keep your phone secure, or fixes to keep your device running smoothly. LG isn't currently one of the companies that most people think of when they think of fast software updates, but maybe this Software Upgrade Center will change that.