Spotify and Hulu partner to offer $12.99 subscription bundle

By | 12th April 2018
Spotify Android app

We don't often see deals on streaming services like Hulu, but today that's precisely what has launched.

Spotify today revealed a special offer that includes a Spotify Premium subscription and a Hulu Limited Commercials subscription for $12.99 per month. That's $4.99 less than you'd pay for the two services separately.

This offer is currently only available to current Spotify Premium subscribers, but it will be opened up to everyone this summer.

When you sign up for this deal, you'll pay one bill to Spotify for both services. What's notable is that you actually get your first three months of Hulu for $0.99, so here's what your subscription will look like when you begin:

  • 1st month: $9.99 + $0.99 + tax
  • 2nd month: $9.99 + tax
  • 3rd month: $9.99 + tax
  • Following months: $12.99 + tax

There's some other fine print with the deal to be aware of. Customers who are subscribed to a Spotify Premium for Family Plan or Yearly Plan aren't eligible for this offer. Students who are signed up for the Spotify Student Discount Plan are eligible, but they'll lose any discounted pricing if they sign up.

So what do you think of this Spotify-Hulu deal? Are you going to sign up?