Action Launcher v35 adds Pixel Launcher enhancements from Android P

By | 2nd May 2018

The Home Screen is one of the many ways Android stands apart from other mobile operating systems. This is the part of the smartphone that we are constantly looking at before we open up that next application. It’s something we can use to customize the device so that it fits our own tastes and needs. Action Launcher is one of the most popular custom launchers available on the platform. Chris Lacy recently announced a new update for Action Launcher. This update brings us up to version 35 and it adds in some Pixel Launcher features that have been introduced in the first developer build of Android P.

Version 35 of Action Launcher is the third update the application has received in 2018 and Chris Lacy starts off by showing us the new Android P enhancements that have been added. This includes the transparent dock search box and the tinted dock effect to help your aging smartphone feel as if it’s running Google’s latest user interface changes. Customization options are vital with custom launchers as well, and this update to Action Launcher lets you choose how you want these UI elements to look.

One of the most highly requested features that Chris Lacy has received for Action Launcher is the ability to create folders within the application drawer. We’ve had the ability to add folders on the Home Screen panels, but some people like to keep their app drawer organized. Now that is possible with this new update. Speaking of folders, we have learned that there has been some work done with the folder system of Action Launcher as well. They have received the Android P style rounded look and the ability to add multiple apps to a folder at once.

Those who want to keep their folders organized will also like to know we can now sort a folder’s contents with this new update. The custom launcher has even received a new “Show desktop shortcuts” option where shortcuts will not appear in the app drawer if you have the feature disabled (although you can still search for them). To wrap things up, there has been a lot of work put into fixing a dozen usability bugs and over 20 stability bugs as well.

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Source: Chris Lacy