Google’s Smart Displays with Google Assistant go on sale starting in July

By | 8th May 2018

Google wants Google Assistant in just about any product it possibly can be installed in, including soundbars that have Android TV built in as well. And smart displays are certainly part of that plan.

Earlier this year, one of the new devices that Google showed off was what it calls a Smart Display. Basically, a touchscreen device that allows you to use it as a smart speaker, like a Google Home product, but get visual feedback at the same time. It’s the response to Amazon’s Echo Show, and Google is betting big on the idea.

At today’s Google I/O, the company confirmed that its first wave of Smart Displays will be going on sale this July. There will be several options, including devices from Lenovo, LG, and Sony. JBL is getting in on the fun, too, with its owns planned Smart Display.

No word on prices or specific release dates, unfortunately.

Now that Smart Displays have an official launch date, do you plan on picking one up?