Google will require Android manufacturers to issue security updates more often

By | 11th May 2018

Getting major software updates for some Android phones isn’t the easiest process, and there are some devices that simply don’t get updated in a timely fashion. Even when it comes to security updates.

To make matters worse, it was recently reported that some Android manufacturers have been lying about installed security patches for their devices, leaving many Android device owners in the lurch. But Google will be making a very important change to its agreement with Android OEMs in the future that aims to address those issues directly.

Moving forward, Google will be writing in security patch requirements into its agreements with Android OEMs related to Android-based devices. This was revealed at Google I/O this week when Google’s head of Android security, David Kleidermacher, spoke on stage about the important change. The goal is that all Android manufacturers are delivering necessary security patches to their devices.

You can watch Klediermacher in the video below, but here’s the important bit from his statement, which starts around the 1:40 mark:

“We’ve also worked on building security patching into our OEM agreement. Now this will really lead to a massive increase in the number of devices and users receiving regular security patches.”

This is very good news for Android users out in the world. While Google has been trying to make it easier for devices that aren’t Google’s to get updates faster in general, it’s the security updates that matter the most. So the company trying to make this as easy as possible is a solid step in the right direction.