YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature

By | 15th May 2018

Google is surprising some YouTube TV subscribers with a new feature to start the week.

Some YouTube TV users have discovered a new voice remote feature in their app. It works pretty much like it sounds it would, letting you control YouTube TV with voice commands like “Jump back to my last channel”, “Play NBC”, or “Turn on the Trail Blazers game”.

The voice remote isn’t part of an app update. Rather, it’s just something that you’ll eventually see in your app in the form of a floating action button. You should also get a popup in the app to tell you about the new feature when it becomes available to you.

This is a pretty nifty feature for YouTube TV, giving users a quick way to navigate the service. If you know exactly the show or channel that you want to watch, just use your voice. There are several different commands available, so if you’ve already gotten the voice remote or you just want to be prepared for when it does arrive, you can find a list of available voice commands right here.