Your weekend comments are open for business

By | 19th May 2018

Weekends are best spent with friends and family. Or in a comfy chair if you're Rex the Dachshund.

That's Rex. He'll be 15 in September and he is my new life coach and is going to help me learn to relax and let things go. He spends most of the day sitting here in my office on his ridiculous chair knowing that he's in charge of the important things like when is lunch and is it too hot to go outside.

I'll be spending most of the weekend here with him because the rain is getting biblical out there. It's cool, though, we need it. And it gives me time to reflect on what's important in life, which happens to be Borderlands 2 this weekend.

Was cruising through the Steam store and saw it there reminding me that I bought it a long time ago and was no longer installed — a problem that needed to be rectified. That's what happens when I need to print something and need to turn my desktop on and I have no control over it and it's not my fault.

And now I need to find my Shield portable.

While I'm goofing off playing video games with Rex, I imagine plenty of y'all will be doing something useful and productive. Hopefully, it's just as fun! Take a minute and let us know what you've got going on this weekend or just talk about anything else good.