BlackBerry continues to tease the KEY2 in new video

By | 24th May 2018

We already know that BlackBerry and hardware manufacturer TCL will unveil a brand new flagship smartphone on June 7 in New York City. But that isn’t stopping the teasers from dropping.

On Thursday, BlackBerry Mobile published a quick teaser video for the upcoming BlackBerry KEY2. The video measures in at just under 25 seconds, and we actually get to see some looks at the KEY2 in it. BlackBerry says it’s going to unveil an “icon reborn” with the KEY2, so the company is all-in with the branding and handset lineage, apparently.

As far as what the company is teasing, we can clearly see a dual camera setup on the back of the phone, a big touchscreen display, and the full physical keyboard below that. The most interesting part of the video comes at the end of the hardware tease, when we see a button with nine dots on it. No word yet on what that button might do, but it’s apparently going to be a big deal.

What we have heard about the KEY2 so far is that it will hold onto the 3.5mm headphone jack and that it will have a USB-C port for charging. Otherwise, we know the handset will share design cues from the original KeyONE.

Depending on specs and price, are you excited for the KEY2?