Huawei is ending bootloader unlock program

By | 26th May 2018

Huawei has previously given its users the option of officially unlocking the bootloader on its devices, allowing us to flash custom kernels, custom ROMs, and modify the phones to our liking. Not only is this very consumer friendly, it also makes up for companies abandoning official support for devices early (and it’s not like Huawei is known for their great update schedule).

Unfortunately, this bootloader unlock program is coming to an end. Huawei (and sub-brand Honor) have announced that devices launched after May 24, 2018 will no longer have unlockable bootloaders. And as of yesterday, you have 60 days to request an unlock code before the service shuts down.

This is a really unfortunate turn of events, but it’s not going to affect Huawei in any major way. Most people don’t know what a bootloader does, let alone want to unlock it. This only affects enthusiasts, which is sad nonetheless. If you own a Huawei device and would like to someday unlock the bootloader, get your codes now.