Essential Phone getting new Android P beta with fixes for radio, Bluetooth, and dark mode

By | 27th May 2018

We were surprised to see Google open up the Android P Developer Preview program to non-Google devices this time around. While you can run Android P on the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 lineup, you can also get it running on devices like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the OnePlus 6, and the Essential Phone among others. This is definitely a first: previously, Developer Previews for Android L, M, N, and O were limited to Nexus and Pixel devices with the rare Sony Xperia phone jumping in. Essential, which has rolled out the Android P beta preview to their sole device, has done a stellar job regarding updates to their phone, and they are now rolling out a new build of their Android P beta that fixes many bugs.

The OTA update, which should have dropped already on Essential users running the current Android P beta, is still based on the second Developer Preview, meaning that there’s really no new features to see here. However, the update is focused purely on patches and bug fixes for basic functionality. Essential is rolling out improvements for cellular connectivity as well as certain fixes for both the Dark Mode and Bluetooth.

The company is currently at the edge of a cliff—the successor to the Essential Phone has allegedly been shelved and the company is apparently also up for sale. It is, as such, really nice to see the company is still actively supporting their device for now. Users interested in downloading this update should either take the OTA (if you’re currently on P) or install it from scratch (if you’re on Android Oreo).