Final Fortress – Idle Survival [Game Review]

By | 29th May 2018

The world as we know it is gone. Zombies are everywhere. Your mission, build your fortress and collect the currency of the day – GAS. As you might have gathered from the name, the this is a “clicking”or tapping game. You will need to tap on each floor of your fortress to collect the gas. You will need to collect gas to help unlock the various floors on your fortress. You can of course level up each floor with, you guessed it, gas. As you level up the floors, you will collect even more gas and can equip weapons. Each floor has a progress bar to let you know when the gas is ready to collect. The game plays at your pace. It will simply sit there and wait for you to play(click). Also the game does a great job guiding you into the game when you first begin. As you level up, you will earn gems which can be used to unlock various boosts in the game, such as...

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