HTC won’t include a headphone adapter on the US U12+

By | 29th May 2018

The disappearance of the headphone jack doesn’t benefit consumers in any meaningful way. We could talk about device thickness, more room for a bigger battery, and other space-related constraints and design choices, but we still lost a valuable and relevant feature in many of our flagships. Now we have to carry an adapter with us when we want to use our favorite wired headphones.

But what if you no longer had that adapter? What if you were relegated purely to Bluetooth connectivity? HTC may be moving in this direction because the new U12+ will not come with a headphone adapter in the US.

The device will come with HTC USonic Adaptive Earphones, but we highly doubt anyone would prefer those to their own pair. Headphones and earphones are often very personal items and people choose the ones that fit them best, even if they’re a cheap set. Including a set of earphones is good, but not including a headphone adapter is far worse.

HTC does sell a headphone adapter, but it’s currently sold out. Not only that, but there are multiple implementations of audio over USB Type-C, so third-party adapters or even adapters from other companies like Google are not guaranteed to work.

If you’ve successfully transitioned to exclusively using Bluetooth audio, this may not bother you (until your batteries die). But if you still have a favorite pair of wired headphones like many of us do, this may be a big problem. HTC, an adapter is worth a lot more than cheap earphones especially in such a pricey device. Let us know what you think of HTC’s decision in the comments!