Motorola One Power is a new Android One handset for the U.S.

By | 29th May 2018

At some point in the future, Motorola is going to launch another Android One smartphone, and today we might be getting our first look at it.

The first image of the upcoming Motorola One Power was leaked out by Android Headlines. It will be a new Android One smartphone for the wireless market in the United States, but there is no word on when the handset might actually launch.

Despite being an Android One device, we’re seeing plenty of similarities to more high-end devices in the design department. That includes minimized bezels along the sides and bottom, and even at the top, which means there is indeed a notch. That shouldn’t really be a surprise anymore for a new smartphone in 2018.

As for the rest of the handset, we see what appears to be a pair of cameras on the back and what might be a fingerprint reader underneath that Motorola logo. There’s the Android One logo there near the bottom edge, too.

Otherwise we don’t know much about the Motorola One Power when it comes to software or pricing. Depending on all that, and based on what you can see from the image above, would you consider the One Power?