Google Expeditions app updated with educational AR tours

By | 31st May 2018

Available for all ARCore and ARKit compatible devices.

There are a lot of different uses for augmented reality. In some cases, it can be harnessed to take selfies with Porgs and a Demogorgon. In others, AR can be used to educate yourself about the world around you.

Google's focusing on the latter of those two instances by updating its Google Expeditions app to bring AR tours to everyone that's got a compatible ARCore Android phone or ARKit iOS device.

Those AR tours, referred to as AR Expeditions, allow users to get up close and personal with various items in our world to learn more about them – such as the human skeletal system or Leonardo Da Vinci's Leocopter. Users can also use the Expeditions app to more easily find new tours to check out, rediscovered tours you've saved, and more.

This is an extension of the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program that Google announced last year for schools, and it's great to see that more people than ever will get to go hands-on with the tech.

Download: Google Expeditions (free)