Google launches Neighbourly; learn about your neighborhood from residents

By | 31st May 2018

Google has launched a new mobile called Neighbourly, which helps users learn about their neighborhood by asking questions of neighbors. For example, users can ask about daycare facilities, restaurants, parks, and more. Neighbors and local experts can then respond through the app to help individuals discover the amenities and attractions of their neighborhood.

For now, the app is in beta testing and is only available to Android users in Mumbai, India. Individuals can ask questions via voice or text in English or eight Indian languages. Personal information is kept largely private, with only your profile picture and first name being displayed. Users can swipe between questions until they find those that they can provide answers to. Users can also follow questions that interest them, and will be notified when the question receives an answer.

Google has pushed local info through its Local Guides program in Google Maps, and it’s interesting to see the company taking the concept to a new level. Google is also testing the service in India, where services like Nextdoor aren’t yet present. As the beta test carries on, Google will likely bring the service to more cities and countries.

What do you think of Neighbourly? Is this something you’d be interested in?