Android P Beta 2 Now Available for the Nokia 7 Plus

By | 22nd June 2018

Google is doing things a bit differently for Android P. Thanks to advantages brought about by Project Treble and a close collaboration with Qualcomm, Betas for the upcoming version of Android are being made available for a number of devices outside of the Pixel lineup. This certainly helps tide over the loss of the Nexus lineup as developer reference devices and ensures that developers can check their apps and games across a wider range of devices to ensure compatibility with Android P at its public launch.

Nokia 7 Plus Android P Beta 2

Via: LoveNokia

Previously, we have seen devices like the Google Pixel family, the Essential Phone PH-1, the Sony Xperia XZ2, and even the OnePlus 6 receive the latest Beta 2 of Android P. Now you can add the Nokia 7 Plus to the list of devices who have received Android P Beta 2. The latest Beta will be delivered to devices on Beta 1 through the OTA update, but in the meantime, you can manually flash it on your device and skip the wait. To do this, you’ll have to first register over at Nokia’s Developer Portal and download the relevant ROM files for your device. Then, reboot your device to recovery, factory reset it, and then sideload the ROM package through ADB. Do make sure that you make relevant backups beforehand.

Android P Beta 2 includes the final Android P APIs and is intended for developer use only. Users expecting a stable ROM for daily usage should stay away from this beta software, as the ROM contains a lot of bugs that may be a dealbreaker for daily usage. For example, mobile data may not always work with specific SIM cards, and data stored on the SD Card may have accessibility issues.

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Via: LoveNokia