Timehop had a security breach on July 4

By | 9th July 2018

Timehop, the popular social memory service, experienced a security breach on July 4. The company was able to head off the attack in just over two hours, but it is warning that some information was compromised. The information compromised in the breach includes names, phone numbers, and email addresses. None of the social media posts and photos that Timehop displays were accessed. Additionally, no messages, financial data, or Timehop data were accessed.

The authentication keys that Timehop uses to access social media accounts were compromised, but were immediately deactivated. Timehop is warning that while it promptly deactivated the keys, there was a two-hour window of time in which the keys could have been used to view personal posts on social media. But Timehop says that it has found absolutely no evidence that this occurred.

Because Timehop caught the attack and took extra precautions, you’ll notice that you’ve been logged out of your account. You’ll need to log in again and you’ll also need to re-authenticate your social media accounts.

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