Netflix Smart Downloads feature will automatically download your next episode

By | 10th July 2018
Netflix iPad app

Have you ever gotten on a plane or train, only to realize that you didn't download any shows to watch? A new Netflix feature aims to prevent that from happening ever again.

With a new feature called Smart Downloads, Netflix will automatically delete an episode of a show after you're finished watching and then download the next one in the background. This all happens automatically as long as you're connected to Wi-Fi. The feature will work for shows that you can download on Netflix, but isn't supported for movies.

Netflix says that Smart Downloads will begin rolling out on Android today. iOS users will get the feature later this year. Users wil be able to disable the feature if they'd like.

This new feature could come in handy for frequent Netflix bingers. Sometimes when you're watching a show, you might not remember to download a new episode before you leave the house. Now that won't be a problem, with Smart Downloads ensuring that you've always got something to watch when you need to kill some time on the go.