Google adds Morse code to Gboard for iOS, makes improvements to Gboard for Android

By | 11th July 2018
Gboard for iOS Morse code

Google began beta testing Morse code support in Gboard for Android a couple of months ago, and now the feature is being improved while also making its way to iOS.

Google announced today that it's adding Morse code to Gboard for iOS, allowing users to communicate using a system with two buttons: a dot and a dash. Above these buttons you can see word suggestions, much like you see on a QWERTY keyboard.

As I mentioned before, Gboard for Android has had Morse code support for a couple of months now, but Google says that it's now made improvements to Morse code in Gboard for Android. A blog post by Tania Finlayson, a developer and expert in Morse code assistive technology who worked with Google, says that Gboard for Android lets you attach external switches to a device so that people with limited mobility can operate it.

Additionally, Google has made a game to help you learn how to type in Morse code. The game is available on Android, iOS, and desktop, and Google says that it'll teach you how to type in Morse code in less than an hour.

It's always good to see improved accessibility in mobile apps and services, and so it's good to see Morse code support make its way to Gboard for iOS after being on Android for a couple of months. If you use Gboard, go ahead and give this Morse code feature a try!