Justice Department appeals approval of AT&T-Time Warner merger

By | 12th July 2018
AT&T logo packaging

One month after AT&T's mega acquisition of Time Warner was completed, the U.S. Justice Department is appealing the deal's approval.

A court filing today revealed that the Justice Department will appeal the AT&T-Time Warner merger despite the fact that it was recently completed. The DoJ actually tried to block the merger before it was completed, too, arguing that it would make pay TV "less competitive and less innovative." However, a federal judge ruled that the government didn't show that the deal would significantly decrease competition and so he let it continue without conditions.

It's kind of surprising to see the Justice Department filing an appeal of the AT&T-Time Warner merger one month after it was completed, but that's precisely what's happening. Now the merger will get a closer look and we'll see if it holds or if it's ultimately undone.

What do you think of the AT&T-Time Warner merger? Should it be allowed to remain complete or should it be blocked?