Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak shows off headphone jack, S Pen, and more

By | 13th July 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak S Pen headphone jack

Earlier this week, a leaked image claimed to show the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now another leak has surfaced that gives us a peek at the back of the upcoming flagship.

An image shared by leaker Ice Universe claims to show the back of the Galaxy Note 9. We can see a design that looks similar to the Galaxy Note 8, but with one important design difference: Just like on the Galaxy S9, the rear fingerprint reader is now below the rear cameras instead of to the right of them like on the Note 8.

On the bottom of this Note 9 we can see a USB-C port, speaker grille, 3.5mm headphone jack — yep, it's still there — and an S Pen slot. Speaking of the S Pen, that's in this image, too, and it looks like it could be yellow like in Samsung's invitations for the Galaxy Note 9 event next month.

Based on the leaks that we've seen to date, the Galaxy Note 9 is shaping up to look pretty similar to the Note 8. That may be disappointing for some, but the Note 8 wasn't exactly an ugly phone. Plus, Samsung does appear to be moving the fingerprint reader to make it easier to reach, which will be a big improvement.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note 9 based on the leaks we've seen? Are you excited for Samsung's next big thing?