Rumor: Microsoft said to be creating an Android smartphone

By | 17th July 2018

When it comes to smartphone sales, there’s no doubt that Microsoft is having trouble reaching the success of software big names like iOS and Android. As a matter of fact, the duopoly of these two have led Windows Phones out of the picture. Just after a few years after it purchased the mobile division of Nokia, Microsoft called it quits. This led the company to stop making hardware, and instead focus on the creation of software for mobile devices.

Thanks to this initiative, Microsoft was able to enter the iOS and Android market with its series of Microsoft apps. And without a doubt, Microsoft’s Office suite is its biggest product for both PC and mobile.

But it looks like Microsoft is not fully giving up on its software division. Just recently, there are new reports that the company is working on a new variety of its Windows 10 device. The phone, called Andromeda, is currently still in development phase but could be unveiled by next year.

Another rumor that’s circulating is the idea that Microsoft is working on a new smartphone that runs on Android’s software. The report was first reported by Windows Latest, which supplied screenshots of a conversation between a customer and an alleged customer representative for the company. The customer asked about the availability of Lumia devices, to which the representative responded that the “Windows phone engineers are focusing on releasing a new model.”

When pressed on whether the company was creating a new line of Microsoft phones, the representative explained that the device will be “like a new edition for Microsoft phones” that will “be powered by Android” for sure. The representative did not give any other information and commented that no official updates have been posted by the company.

It’s important to know that this is a conversation that has not been made public yet. With that said, this conversation could still be considered as a rumor. But in the event that it proves true, will you be interested in buying a Microsoft smartphone that’s running Android OS?