T-Mobile Essentials offers unlimited data with no frills

By | 6th August 2018

T-Mobile is introducing a new wireless plan that offers customers unlimited talk, text, and data with no frills. Called the T-Mobile Essentials plan, it offers only the basics, without many of the extras that T-Mobile has become known for. Customers will receive unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data, 2G data in Canada and Mexico, and T-Mobile’s free texting and low-rate calling in over 210 countries.

What it doesn’t include are some of the perks reserved for T-Mobile One customers. These include free Netflix for families, unlimited mobile hotspot data, and T-Mobile’s travel benefits for those flying on participating flights. Additionally, T-Mobile One includes taxes and fees in the price, while T-Mobile Essentials charges taxes and fees separately from the per-user rate.

T-Mobile Essentials will also slow data speeds for customers who use more than 50GB of data (for all users) per month when they’re in congested network areas.

T-Mobile Essentials is priced at $60 for one line, $30 for the second line, and $15 per line for lines 3-6, plus taxes and fees with autopay. Without autopay, it’s an extra $5 per month, per line.

What do you think about this new offering from T-Mobile? Are you interested in a T-Mobile Essentials plan?