Android Messages now has a dark mode and new Material Design

By | 16th August 2018

We saw Google’s vision for an updated look to its Material Design vision back in July. Since then, Google’s apps like the stock Contacts app has been updated to reflect those whiter, rounder changes. And now Android Messages is seeing a nice change of scenery, too.

As first noticed by Android Police, Google is now rolling out an updated version of Android Messages, one that not only adopts the updated Material Design, but also adds a new dark mode option. The update to Android Messages also means there is a new font, and the app will now automatically default to a blue background for your sent text messages. There is also a new “Start chat” button on the bottom right of the screen, which effectively replaces the “+” button in the previous versions of the app. It appears that Google has removed the ability to customize bubble colors and contact icon colors.


Perhaps the best part of the new version of the app is support for dark mode. Now you can quickly toggle the feature on and off as you see fit. When it’s turned on, the background will turn to black and the text darkens, too.

Google is rolling out these changes to Android Messages now, so keep an eye out if this is your stock text messaging app. Are you happy to see dark mode arrive?