Google celebrating Chrome’s 10th birthday with version 69, which brings updated design and new features

By | 4th September 2018
Google Chrome 69 new design

Google is celebrating Chrome's 10th birthday by giving the browser a new look.

Google Chrome is getting a design overhaul that brings more rounded shapes, new icons, and a new color palate. There are simplified prompts and menus, too. And Google has also included several mobile-specific updates included in this update, like moving the toolbar to the bottom of the screen on iOS to make it easier to reach. 

Google Chrome 69 update iOS

One new feature highlighted by Google is the improved password manager. This feature can more accurately fill in your passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers to save you time. Chrome can also generate new, strong passwords for you to help keep your internet accounts secure.

Google is making it faster to get answers to your searches, too. With the new Chrome, you can get answers directly in your address bar without having to open a new tab. This includes details on public figures and sporting events as well as the local weather and a translation of a foreign word.

Google Chrome 69 update Android

Google has made some under the hood improvements in this Chrome update as well. This includes experiments to improve startup time, latency, memory usage, and usability.

The new Chrome is version 69 and is now rolling out across desktop, Android, and iOS. It's a major update that helps to bring the design of Chrome in line with Google's other recently updated products, which feature more white space and rounded features. What do you think of the new-look Google Chrome?