Istanbul – Digitial Board Game [Android, iOS]

By | 4th September 2018

If you enjoy digital board gaming, then go to the app store and download Istanbul today! 🙂 Istanbul is another nicely done board game from the folks over at Acram Digital. This premium game is available for both Android and iOS devices. After my initial testing of the game, I would recommend you play it on a tablet or larger screen phone. Some of the text is hard to read (at least for us old folks) on a regular smartphone. In the game you job is to collect 5 or 6 rubies (depending on the game mode) before your opponent does. You lead a team of one merchant and four assistants through 16 locations in the bazaar. Each location has a different function so you need to decide wisely where you need to go and what the best deals for you are. The bazaar is represented in a grid pattern but you cannot move diagonally. There is a a lot going on in the game and quite a few things you...

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