OnePlus 6T features hinted at by leaked packaging photos

By | 4th September 2018
OnePlus 6T packaging leak

When the Oppo R17 made its debut last month, we speculated that that design could be used for the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Now a new leak has surfaced that backs up that speculation.

Photos that allegedly show the packaging for the OnePlus 6T have found their way online. Inside the box, we can see the outline of the front of the phone, complete with a small dip for a notch that's just a bit larger than the phone's front-facing camera. There's a fingerprint at the bottom of the screen, too, suggesting that an in-display fingerprint reader will be used.

OnePlus 6T packaging leak 3

Both of these features are present on the Oppo R17. The outline of this OnePlus 6T shows that it'll have a small chin below its screen, too, which is present on Oppo's R17.

OnePlus has borrowed designs from Oppo smartphones in the past, so it's definitely possible that we could see a OnePlus 6T that looks similar to the Oppo R17. While there are people out there that are staunchly anti-notch, the notch on this leaked OnePlus 6T is small, having been shrunk from the notch on the OnePlus 6, so it could be a nice compromise for the anti-notch crowd.

OnePlus 6T packaging leak 2