Samsung may show off its oft-rumored foldable smartphone this year

By | 4th September 2018

Samsung has been teasing a foldable smartphone for years now, with the most recent report from earlier this year suggesting we could actually see the company launch the product sometime in 2019.

Now Samsung may actually be hyping up its own plans for next year’s launch. CNBC is reporting that Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh has confirmed his company plans on actually showing off a foldable smartphone in some capacity or another before the end of 2018. The report states that Koh believes “it’s time to deliver” on a foldable smartphone, one that he believes there is a market for.

Koh wasn’t willing to go into any detail about what the foldable phone might look like or how it might work, but he did say that one of the major focal points is making sure that there is a reason for the device to exist at all and differentiating it from an experience one might have with a tablet. Basically, justifying the entire concept’s existence.

There is some wriggle room here, as should be expected from an announcement of an announcement that’s going to happen in November. Koh says that while Samsung has “nearly concluded” the development process, it’s still a “complicated” process. The report states that Koh “hinted” that more details of the foldable smartphone could be unveiled at the company’s developer conference in November, but there’s still no indication of a launch date just yet.

So, we may actually see a foldable smartphone in just a couple of months! Or, we may see a few designs of what Samsung has been working on, with expected specs to go along with it. Either way, it sounds like Samsung is almost ready to finally deliver on that foldable smartphone dream.

Are you excited for all of this to finally come to fruition?