Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 image shows 5G support

By | 4th September 2018
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G support

Xiaomi is back with another Mi Mix 3 teaser.

Donovan Sung, Xiaomi's global spokesperson and director of product management, has posted a new photo that shows the Mi Mix 3. As with the image we got last week, we can see that this Mi Mix 3 has rounded display corners and super slim bezels on all four sides of its screen. However, we don't get to see the phone's pop-up camera this time around.

Another detail about this image that's worth pointing out is the the "5G" in the Mi Mix 3's status bar. That hints that the upcoming Xiaomi phone will support 5G connections, something that's supported by a follow-up tweet by Sung. "We've successfully tested 5G connections on Xiaomi phones, and we can't wait for the official rollout of 5G next year!" he said.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 looks like a bleeding edge phone, offering features like super slim bezels all around its screen and a pop-up camera. Adding 5G support would make it an even more of a cutting edge device and could make it more appealing to those consumers who want the absolute latest in smartphone tech.