Apple Watch Series 4 42mm version expected to have 384×480 screen resolution

By | 5th September 2018
Apple Watch Series 4 leak

It's widely expected that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will have a larger display than previous models, and now more details on that screen may have leaked.

The 42mm version of the Apple Watch Series 4 will likely have a display resolution of 384x480. That's according to 9to5Mac, which came to that resolution by looking at information in Apple's watchOS 5 beta software. The device is also expected to have a higher PPI.

To compare, the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 has a resolution of 312x390. So if this rumored Apple Watch Series 4 resolution turns out to be accurate, it'll be quite an upgrade from the existing Apple Watch models.

For an idea as to what an Apple Watch screen that's larger and higher res might look like, you can see the images below. The Series 4 screenshot was created using a modified Apple Watch Simulator and an Xcode beta.

The benefit of a larger, higher res Apple Watch screen is that you can show more information on at it once. In the leaked Apple Watch Series 4 image from last week, we can see a new watch face that has a ton of information on it, including a timer, the temperature, the UV index, Activity rings, and the sunrise and sunset times, all in addition to the clock. What's even more exciting about this upgrade is that it's expected that the Apple Watch Series 4 will get a larger display thanks to having slimmer bezels rather than increasing the size of the case.

Apple is holding an event on September 12th, and it's likely that we'll officially meet the Apple Watch Series 4 there. Stay tuned.