Snap launches two new styles of Spectacles for Snapchat

By | 5th September 2018
Snapchat Spectacles Nico Veronica

After launching a brand new pair of Spectacles earlier this year, Snap, Inc. is now offering new styles of its camera-equipped sunglasses.

The Nico (above right) and Veronica (above left) are two new styles of Snap, Inc.'s Spectacles 2 model. They offer features similar to the standard Spectacles 2 model, including HD photos and video capture as well as water resistance, but they add polarized lenses to help reduce glare and help you see the things around you more clearly.

The other major change with these new glasses are their looks. They have a more fashionable, modern look than the Spectacles 2. While you'll probably still easily see the camera that's built into these new Spectacles models when you're up close, from afar they'll probably look more like a stylish pair of shades.

Finally, the Nico and Veronica models each come with a black protective case that looks more like a regular pair of sunglasses. The Spectacles 2 come with a bright yellow charging case that looks more like it's holding an expensive electronic device.

Both the Nico and Veronica models are now available from Snap, Inc.'s online store, with pricing set at $199.99. Snap says that the Nico model will ship in one to two weeks, while the Veronica will be available to ship in two to three weeks.

What do you think of these new Snapchat Spectacles?