YouTube Dark Mode on Android is finally rolling out widely

By | 5th September 2018
YouTube Dark Theme

YouTube for Android was said to be getting a Dark Mode way back in March. It started rolling out to iOS devices on that day, but Android was given the dread Soon™ tag. Several months have passed since then and we found a way to enable it. Thankfully, we’re seeing many reports (including several of our own) that Dark Mode for Android is here.

youtube dark mode

Many people are getting the “Try the new Dark Theme” notification pictured above. You will probably have to clear cache and data a few times to get the option to show up. This is a server-side switch, so you shouldn’t need to update the APK. Once you enable the dark theme it should look like what we’ve seen before.

YouTube Dark Theme on Android

Let us know if you are seeing the Dark Mode option in the official YouTube app!

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