Have your heart set on new releases & your eyes on the wallet? Tello Mobile can help sweeten the deal

By | 6th September 2018

If you are on the fence about getting a new flagship device, geeking out about the new releases but having trouble with the overall cost of your latest tech crush, know there is hope.

Your best bet is to buy an unlocked smartphone, take advantage of retailers’ offers, and keep the savings going month over month with a budget friendly alternative carrier, like Tello Mobile.

First step: Go for Unlocked Devices

Bargain shoppers can get a better deal on unlocked smartphones on Amazon, online retailers or big box chains like Best Buy. For instance, Amazon featured the Unlocked Galaxy S9 for $619.99 ($100 off) and the Unlocked Galaxy S9+for $739.99 ($100 off). This type of limited-time sale is the best we've seen from Amazon recently and yet another reason to do your homework before you buy. You can find great deals that cannot be matched by big carriers, so no need to commit to a contract.

If you don’t mind sharing, you can get the latest swap phone deal on websites like Swappa, Gazelle and Glyde. Special financing and reward programs make even the Apple Store a viable option to upgrade your phone.

If you’re not the type that feels comfortable with 2 year contracts that can easily double the cost of your device, don’t compromise on the cost and quality of your cell phone service for a phone upgrade. Living from one steep phone bill to another and getting locked in by fees is not the way to go if you’re looking to save on the long run.

Step 2: Go for an Affordable Carrier, Like Tello

Customers call Tello Mobile “the best thing since sliced bread”.

The flexible approach to wireless stands out from the beginning: no contract, no credit checks, no extra fees. Tello customers have the freedom to choose the amount of minutes, text, gigs of data and build their phone plan as they wish.

Pay a little, get a lot: Tello cell phone plans range from $5 to $39/ month, and you can change your plan depending on usage. Plus, all plans come with Free tethering included and unlimited calls to Canada, Mexico & China.

Your new unlocked device will work on Tello if it’s CDMA and Sprint compatible. You can check for network compatibility information in the tech specs before you buy the phone and verify this using the phone IMEI on Tello.com. For example, iPhones purchased through Apple stores or big box stores work on Tello. Moreover you can always take advantage of the current phone sales Tello hosts on their site, like the recent one for iPhone 8 ($120 off).

More than 3k unbiased reviews rate Tello Mobile, as “Excellent”, making this Sprint MVNO the only carrier with a 5-star rating.

The most popular plans have a little bit of everything for the middle range consumer. For $14/month one can get 1GB plus unlimited talk & text.

*Update: Until September 30 2018, the $14/mo phone plan is FREE for 1 Month for newcomers that sign up to Tello. You can try the service risk-free, no strings attached, no coupon code needed.

This single-lined service provides outstanding value when it comes to families that need full control of the spending habits of their kids, seniors, students and people on the go who need to be connected.

Mobile Freedom

As a prepaid option, customers can move back and forth each month with data allotments and minute combinations and not be tied to any specific amount every month as you might be with a non-prepaid traditional plan from one of the big four carriers.

If data is your sweet tooth, go for a bigger plan. The savings will tag along as you move your way up. 2 GB + unlimited talk & text for $19/mo caters to most people’s needs.

Can you get 3GB for $20? With Tello you can! Mix 100 minutes of Voice, unlimited texts and 3GB for exactly $20/month.

If you need it, max out on data with Tello’s higher plan of 10 GB + unlimited talk & text for $39/mo.

To make a long wireless story short, Tello’s outstanding human Customer Service and pocket-friendly phone plans make this career stand out by far. Unlimited might not be for everyone, but savings sure are!