Xiaomi Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 get unofficial builds of TWRP

By | 7th September 2018
Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 TWRP

The new sub-brand of Xiaomi, Poco, has made quite the splash in the Android enthusiast community with the release of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. We were just recently informed that global Poco F1 owners will only have to wait 3 days until they can unlock the bootloader of their phones. Once the bootloader is unlocked, most of us begin looking for TWRP, and thanks to XDA Senior Member Shivam Kumar Jha, we now have an unofficial build of TWRP for the Poco F1 right now. As this is an unofficial build, the developer notes that there is a bug that causes /data decryption to not work.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is a device that was released back in May of this year. We typically see a lot of community developer support for Xiaomi’s Redmi and Redmi Note devices, but things have been rather slow for the Mi 8. However, XDA Senior Member bassbounce was gracious enough to begin working on the device (thanks to geoleonsh for the device tree) and has recently released an unofficial build of TWRP for the smartphone. The developer says there doesn’t seem to be any bugs with this build, but to politely contact them if one ends up being found.

Download the unofficial build of TWRP in our Poco F1 forum Download the unofficial build of TWRP in our Mi 8 forum