YouTube dark theme is now rolling out on Android

By | 7th September 2018

Remember that YouTube dark theme that was announced earlier this year? Nearly six months after it was first confirmed, the feature is finally rolling out to Android.

YouTube for Android is now gaining a dark theme. Users on Reddit began noticing the feature’s arrival this week, and after updating on our devices, we’ve found that we have it now, too. The feature appeared after updating to version 13.35.51, opening the app, quitting it, then opening it again.


To enable dark mode, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner, then go to Settings > General > Dark theme. Once activated, the UI of the YouTube app will turn a dark gray, including the top and bottom navigation bars.

YouTube took some time to bring a dark theme to its Android app — it rolled out to iOS users earlier this year — but it’s great that it’s finally here. Enabling dark them will make using the YouTube app a bit easier on your eyes, as the mostly white interface of the light theme could be a bit blinding.

Has YouTube’s dark theme appeared on your device? If so, do you plan on using it going forward?