New Bullets Wireless earphones show up, could launch with the OnePlus 6T

By | 10th September 2018
OnePlus 6 Bullets Wireless

The OnePlus 6T is beginning to pop up a lot on our radar. After first hearing the device will launch on T-Mobile, which is a very big deal, OnePlus confirmed the device will have an in-display fingerprint scanner. The hype train is rapidly picking up steam. The next bit of information has to do with an accessory for the OnePlus 6T: new Bullets Wireless headphones.

We reviewed the original Bullets Wireless headphones with the launch of the OnePlus 6. While they lack some pizzazz, they were a perfectly capable pair of wireless headphones. It looks like OnePlus will have a new pair to go with the OnePlus 6T. The updated model just passed through the FCC, just in time for the mid-cycle release. The label specifically says “OnePlus Bullets Wireless.” These are model BT32B (original was BT31B) and they do indeed have Bluetooth.

OnePlus has stuck with the tethered “wireless” headphones again. Some people prefer this style because you don’t have to worry about a single earbud falling out. Other people feel “wireless” headphones should be 100% wireless. Either way, expect these to launch alongside the OnePlus 6T for around the same $70 price as the original. Are you interested in these headphones?

Via: Droid-Life