Google Photos Library API now available, lets you integrate Photos with your app

By | 11th September 2018
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Google Photos is one of the company’s best products. It works extremely well, is easy to use, and has very powerful features. The service has only gotten better over time. Now, Google is opening a program that will allow developers to tap into the awesomeness of Google Photos for their own apps.

The headlining feature of this new program is the Library API. This API allows 3rd-party apps to use Google Photos features. Users can upload to Google Photos from other apps and use the powerful search functionality. That includes the ability to search by date, format, and by describing what’s in the photo.

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Library API Features:

  • Easily find photos, based on
    • what’s in the photo
    • when it was taken
    • attributes like media format
  • Upload directly to their photo library or an album
  • Organize albums and add titles and locations
  • Use shared albums to easily transfer and collaborate

The new Library API is available for developers right now. Google has included a migration guide for anyone who has been using the old Picasa Web Albums API. This is a pretty cool program that puts the powerful features of Google Photos at the fingertips of developers. We can’t wait to see what people do with this API.

Source: Google Developers Blog