Google Pixelbook leak reportedly hints at new model with detachable screen

By | 11th September 2018

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are expected to make their debut at Google's October 9th event, but rumors have also suggested that we could see a new Pixelbook there, too. Ahead of that date, details on a new Pixelbook model may have leaked.

A video that purportedly shows an upcoming Google Pixelbook codenamed "Nocturne" has leaked. The brief video doesn't show much, but the bezels of this device do seem smaller than the ones on the first Pixelbook, which are rather large. We can also see rounded keys, which are different than the square keys of the first Pixelbook.

There's not much else we can learn from this video, but the device shown does hint at an improvement over last year's Pixelbook. Not only will be slimmed down bezels be nice, but having the option to detach the screen from the keyboard for tablet use rather than using a thicker device that's been folded over could be a welcome change, too.

What changes would you like to see in Google's next Pixelbook?

Google Pixelbook Nocturne leak