Upcoming Google Pixelbook ‘Nocturne’ allegedly leaks with detachable keyboard

By | 11th September 2018

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have been dominating the headlines when it comes to upcoming Google products lately, but today we’re switching things up a bit.

A new video that claims to offer a peek at an upcoming Google Pixelbook has leaked. The clip is brief, coming in at just eight seconds, but it shows a device that’s quite a bit different than the Pixelbook we’ve got now. The bezels have been slimmed down quite a bit and the buttons are now round.

One other big change with this device is that it may have a detachable display. The current Google Pixelbook is a convertible that you can fold over to enter tablet mode, but this new model may let you detach the screen from the keyboard for a lighter tablet experience.

The device in this video is reportedly codenamed “Nocturne”, but there’s not much else known about it right now. Based on what we can see in this video, though, this new Pixelbook looks like it could be a solid upgrade over the existing model. The slimmer bezels make the display look nicer, the detachable screen could make for a better user experience in tablet mode, and presumably we’ll see a few upgraded internals, too.

It’s rumored that Google will unveil its new Pixelbook hardware at its October 9th event. Are you looking forward to a new Google Pixelbook?